Did You Notice The New Thing In Google Search?

Have you noticed something new on Google search recently? If not, google “Elizabeth Taylor” right away. Do you see this?

Yes, this is the new Knowledge graph rolled out by Google a few days ago.

Don’t you find it cool? With this new search update, you can get more information about your search, like a complete summary, besides understanding if you were given the right search results by the search engine.
Knowledge graph also gives you additional information related to your search and what other results might interest you.
If you search for a word like “Nile”, knowledge graph shows you two different results- the first one, being the river “Nile”, and the other being the American metal band. Now you select which one you had searched for. Thus knowledge graph makes Google search more intelligent, as you can find the right result in the first go.

Now if you google “Westlife”, knowledge graph let’s you listen to some of their tracks too.

Do let me know if you find some more interesting things happening with this new Knowledge graph thing!


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