Did You Notice The New Thing In Google Search?

Have you noticed something new on Google search recently? If not, google “Elizabeth Taylor” right away. Do you see this?

Yes, this is the new Knowledge graph rolled out by Google a few days ago.

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What Google Plus IS And What It Is NOT

The first time I heard about Google Plus, invariably a question popped up – another social network? Aren’t we already going through enough information overloads? Often I suffer from conversation overload. Don’t know if you do as well. So many platforms where we share and interact, each of them demand attention and time. (Of course, you set priorities!) I have even found out that many people share links on Twitter and Facebook even without reading the complete details (Few will admit!). And NOW Google Plus! But, it wasn’t too long when I figured out what’s new. Firstly, Google Plus is NOT here to kill anyone (anything). Come on, it is very different from Facebook or Twitter or any other social network, and how could someone leave his already existing influence and connections earned on other social platforms?

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Color – The New Photo Sharing Social Network Launched


The new picture-centric social network Color has launched today.  It is an app similar to Twitter which is predicted to be dominating the social media landscape throughout the US and Europe, keeping in mind, 200 million photos is uploaded everyday on Facebook alone.

The unique smart phone app for iPhone and Android has been devised by some of the brightest minds from Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. The founder team includes co-founder and chief executive Bill Nguyen (Owner of Lala, the music service acquired in 2009 by Apple), Co-Founder Peter Pham (formerly CEO of BillShrink), and Chief Product Officer DJ Patil (formerly scientist at LinkedIn).

The coolest fact about Color is that all the photos and videos are stored in the cloud, thus keeping memory issues at bay. You can instantly watch the videos and photos uploaded by anyone in the cloud, as this is a public platform, just like Twitter.

Can you guess the cost that the guys paid for the domain www.color.com ? It’s a whopping $350,000. Within about 11 hours of its launch, Color on Twitter (@color) shows a follower base of 750. Never know, this unique product could be the next Facebook or YouTube of its kind!


Al Jazeera Gives You A Real Time Illustration Of The Middle East Revolution

Quatar based international news channel Al Jazeera lets you figure out the intensity of the revolution happening currently In the Middle East with the help of real-time illustrations. You can determine the magnitude of agitation in each spot through live visualization of Tweets of the four countries – Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain (current).

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Is Paid Sourcing On Social Media Really A Problem?

Paid Sourcing on Social Media

How many times have you come across hit stories on Digg and kept wondering how on earth they got the huge promotion? Well, it is highly possible that one of the top stories had ‘paid sourcing’ as its success secret. There are groups of people who work together to bring a story to the top by making repeated promotions; once the link receives good attention, the crowd takes over to make it even bigger! Such groups are often paid for their work.

Digg is not the only place where ‘paid sourcing’ or ‘mafia sourcing’ as it is commonly called, is practiced. Various social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter have seen this trend in recent months. Facebook ‘fan seeding’ is a term they use for increasing the number of fans of a business page. Packages vary according to the number of fans and so on. As an online marketing professional, it has always been difficult for me to fathom the after-effects; how would you feel if you see that the fan-base of a certain page you ‘Like’, has gone up by a thousand heads overnight! I mean, I would feel deceived and would prefer not being a part of the ‘random’ crowd. Similar ‘follower seeding’ is common on Twitter. It can have ill-effects if not practiced in a smart way.

But is Paid Sourcing ‘unethical’?

My answer would be No in most cases. The reason is simple. Every form of media thrives on paid advertisements from individuals, business owners and organizations. Television, radio, newspaper, and magazine – you name it and there you will find paid promotions, and it is ‘ethical’. SEO experts help businesses increase their visibility on the SERPs and so on. This brings out the obvious question – Why should social media be an exception?

Social Media is powerful as there is a cloud of attention floating around to get a signal to focus on, and somebody will definitely walk the extra mile to use the advantage. So, it can be safely predicted that social media will continue to see more paid sourcing in years to come.

However, when it comes to paid promotions online, it is necessary that the subject is of substance. Paid sourcing can take it to a certain level, beyond which the crowd has to take over. And that happens only when the subject (story/page/etc) has a resonance value. Mafia sourcing will not have prolonged effect if subject is not strong enough to be distributed wide. Thus companies will lose money, and in the process, they will learn that good work is appreciated sooner.

What I observed is, Social Media is in itself a semi-permeable membrane that permits only deserving matter to pass on and get spread.


How Has Buying Changed – Part 2 | Based On A Report By OgilvyOne On The Future Of Social Selling

Sales Vs Marketing OR Sales & Marketing

After our discussion in the last post about the new concept of ‘Selling’, it is time that we find out what experts have to say sales and marketing. Selling is a team-sport. An organization essentially requires a team of Sales & Marketing and NOT Sales Vs Marketing. The report by OgilvyOne aptly places the example of a basketball team where people with different skills work towards the same goal, unlike a tennis game where two people play a win-lose match over a common barrier. The point is that successful selling needs a realistic collaboration between the Sales and Marketing team. Selling, which was once an individual event, is now a team sport.

Sales-Marketing Model

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How Has Buying Changed – Part 1 | Based On A Report By OgilvyOne On The Future Of Social Selling

Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman  & CEO OgilvyOne Worldwide has released a report on the future of selling, based on the perceptive of some of the greatest salespersons across the world. In the era of social networking, buyers have access to more information than ever before. But, more information does not essentially imply better information. So, the prime objective of a seller in present day is to help buyers analyze information rather than stuffing them with further information overdose! Continue reading